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The mediaton process did not achieve satisfactory solutions for all issues. New conflicts will certainly rear their heads in the future. The Vienna Airport Dialogue Forum will continue to foster a positive communication culture.


Members of the Vienna Airport Dialogue Forum


Vienna International Airport

Austrian Airlines Group

Austro Control

The municipalities of:

Enzersdorf / Fischa, Fischamend, Groß-Enzersdorf, Himberg, Klein-Neusiedl, Rauchenwarth, Schwadorf, Schwechat, Zwölfaxing, City of Vienna

Association "Working Committee of Citizens Initiatives and Residents Association around Vienna International Airport"

The provinces of Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland

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Vienna Airport Dialogue Forum


The Dialogue Forum ensures that the results of the mediation process will actually be implemented and the contracts observed.


District conferences collaborate in this forum. Beneth the Vienna city conference district conferences for the districts Bruck, Baden, Gänserndorf, Mödling and Vienna Environs South have been established. They are made up of representatives of the affected communities and the Working Committee of Citizens Initiatives and Residents Association. In addition, members of ohter local citizens initiatives may also be invited to the meetings.


Each district conference delegates one representative to the Vienna Airport Dialogue Forum. This structure ensures that communities which do not have their own seat in the Dialogue Forum will also take part in the future discussion process. This approach guarantees that regional issues are discussed in detail by the parties involved and affected that the work of the Dialogue Forum directly picks up on the results of these discussions.


Working groups have already been established for the subject areas landings, agriculture, environmental impact assessment, technical noise protection, basic issues and public relations work.


The evaluation group tasked with monitoring compliance has also been integrated into the new structure of the Dialogue Forum and has resumed its work.


More information about the Vienna Airport Dialogue Forum, its structures and members will be available in the English version of this homepage which is now under construction.